Research Facilities

Specialized facilities support the Center’s research program including:

Vector Biology Lab

Funded previously by a SUNY 2020 grant at Upstate, and currently in the engineering phase, the Upstate Vector Biology Lab (VBL) is a state-of-the-art facility for research and training related to insects and other arthropod vectors of diseases with human health significance. The VBL will occupy approximately 2500 square feet and will be fully equipped with divided areas for ACL1 through 3 / BSL1 & 2 work; temporary animal housing; human-insect biting challenge studies; and bench work.

Core Facilities at SUNY ESF

Additionally, SUNY-ESF owns 25,000 acres of regional campus lands and facilities offer unparalleled learning and research opportunities directly relevant to the environmental sciences.

Core Facilities at SUNY Upstate

Additionally, Upstate supports a vibrant research program in Ecuador focused on the interconnection of climate/environment, vector, and pathogen during the emergence of infectious diseases.