Call for Pilot Grants

The SUNY Center for Environmental Health and Medicine (SUNY CEHM), organizationally housed within the Institute for Global Health and Translational Sciences, encourages Upstate investigators to submit a pilot research proposal in one of the following research areas: 

  1. Ecology of Infectious Diseases:
    1. Host, Pathogen and Vector determinants of disease transmission.
    2. Impact of climate change and environmental factors on the geographic expansion of tick-borne and mosquito-borne diseases.
    3. Mathematical modeling of disease ecology and risk assessment/prediction.
    4. Development of novel methods to mitigate vector-borne disease transmission.
  2. Environmental Health:
    1. Effects of environmental exposures on human and animal health.
    2. Modeling environmental risk factors impacting human and animal health.
    3. Chemical and non-chemical stressors on human health.
    4. GIS mapping and spatial analysis of environmental variables and population diversity in relation to morbidity and mortality.


Basic Requirements:

The purpose of this pilot funding is to facilitate and promote interdisciplinary and interinstitutional research on broad aspects of environmental health impacting humans and animals. This is an excellent opportunity for all investigators interested in initiating studies on environmental health and medicine. 

 Proposal format:

  1. A two-page proposal with the following information: Specific aims, Significance, Innovation, Experimental design for a one year study with $30,000.
  2. Collaborative research plan (no more than one page) if more than one institution is involved.
  3. Future plan on how the data obtained from this pilot study will be used to apply for NIH or ESF grants.
  4. Bio sketches (NIH) of investigators and collaborators.
  5. Budget justification (no more than one page)
  6. Send the above-listed documents, as a single PDF, to Deadline for receipt of all the above-listed documents is Sept 13, 2019.


Selection Process:

Applications will be evaluated for its scientific merit that aligns with the objectives of the SUNY CEHM. One pilot project will be awarded ($ 30,000) for the fiscal year 2019-2020. The awardee will be notified no later than Sept 27, 2019.

SUNY CEHM acknowledges the generous support from the Institute for Global Health and Translational Sciences for this pilot grant proposal initiative. More information about the SUNY CEHM  can be found @

 Questions should be sent to Saravanan Thangamani via email