Collaborations between ESF researchers and scientists at UMU including areas of vector biology, cardiovascular health effects of road traffic, stressors and infectious disease, and others. The faculty members listed below have over 275 peer-reviewed publications, over $12 million in active grant funding, 2 patents and 7 provisional patents.

Name Title Expertise
Mary Collins, PhD Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies, ESF Models of impact of industrial toxins on cancer; environmental justice and equity
Joseph Domachowske, MD Professor; Director of Maternal-Child & Pediatric Health, Upstate Pediatric infectious disease clinical care and research; clinical trial design and conduct
Timothy Endy, MD Chair, Department of Microbiology & Immunology, Upstate Flavivirus research, international disease surveillance, vaccine development
Brian Leydet, PhD, MPH Assistant Professor, Environmental and Forest Biology, ESF Vector-borne diseases; novel control methods
Tina Lupone, MPH Director of Education, CGHATS, Upstate Public health; epidemiology; education initiatives
Jaime Mirowsky, PhD Assistant Professor, Chemistry, ESF Health impacts of chemical and non-chemical stressors in healthy & susceptible populations
Christopher P. Morley, PhD Chair, Department of Public Health & Preventive Medicine, Upstate Health Disparities & Social Determinants of Health, including built environment; Public Health Policy
Lee Newman, PhD Coordinator, Environmental Health Major; Associate Professor, Environmental and Forest Biology, ESF hyperspectral imaging of environmental pollutants; nanoparticle toxicity
Christopher Nomura, PhD Vice President for Research; Professor, ESF Development of biopolymers for medical technologies; microbial physiology; synthetic bio.
Kristopher Paolino, MD Assistant Professor; Director of Clinical Research for CGHATS, Upstate Clinical trial design and conduct; infectious disease research
Roxanne Razavi, PhD Assistant Professor, Environmental and Forest Biology, ESF Mercury dynamics in freshwater systems; effects of mercury in food webs
Anna Stewart, PhD, MPA Assistant Professor; Latin America Coordinator, Upstate Ecology of infectious disease; environmental drivers of disease; international collaborations
Telisa Stewart, DrPH Assistant Professor, Public Health & Preventative Medicine, Upstate Public Health, population based health, community education and participation
Stephen Thomas, MD Director, Institute for Global Health & Translational Science; Chief of Infectious Disease, Upstate Vaccine development; flavivirus research

Faculty Affiliates

Name Interests
Susan E. Anagnost wood anatomy, wood decay, microscopy
Gregory L. Boyer, PhD BIOCHEMISTRY and ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY, plant and algal biochemistry, chemical ecology and toxins produced by algae. ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING, including Buoy and ship-based monitoring systems for water quality
M. Margaret Bryant, PhD Land Planning
Donald A Cibula, PhD biostatistics, ecology, geographic information systems (GIS)
Kelley J. Donaghy, PhD Inorganic chemistry and chemical education, fuel cells
Melissa K. Fierke, PhD Forest entomology, forest ecology, invasive forest pests, insect-tree interactions, tree defenses
Margaret Formica cancer epidemiology, including environmental risk factors, built environment effects on health
John P. Hassett, PhD Environmental chemistry, aquatic chemistry
Travis Hobart environmental health risk factors in the pediatric population, lead screening
Shijie Liu, PhD Bioengineering, fermentation, kinetics, separation, pulping, bleaching, fiber properties, sustainability, biofuel, renewable chemicals, biomaterials
Huiting Mao Environmental chemistry, atmospheric chemistry, air quality, regional to global budgets of trace gases, long range transport, continental export, climate change
Neida K. Mita-Mendoza field research & Epi studies; cellular and molecular parasitology
Sharon D. Moran Environmental policy, human dimensions of water/wastewater issues, political ecology, environment-society relations, green and innovative technologies, environmental issues in post-communist countries, qualitative research methods, gender and nature, sustainability indicators, emergent technologies, environmental justice, ethical frameworks in public policy
Sadie J. Ryan disease ecology; medical geography in global health; spatial anaylsis and techniques
Paula Rosenbaum pediatric and adult cancers, woman's health, and the role of environmental exposures in reproductive health, endocrine diseases and immunologic disorders, including allergies and asthma
Douglas S. Walsh clinical drug and vaccine trial experience working with tropical diseases such as malaria, and tropical dermatoses such as leprosy, leishmaniasis and Buruli ulcer
Dongliang Wang biomarker evaluation, diagnostic test evaluation, statistical genetics, nonparametric statistics, biostatistics
Christopher Whipps Fish parasites and diseases, wildlife diseases, parasitology, microbiology, taxonomy, molecular systematics, diagnostics, parasites as biological tags and ecological indicators, epidemiology and control of pathogens of ecological and veterinary importance, evolution and biology of disease causing organisms in animal populations using molecular systematics
Martha Wojtowycz health economics, health services research